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Our Goal

Support Conservation Education: Empowering the Next Generation of Conservationists.

The Key to Conservation is Education

For Academics and Non-Academics

Cross-Border Conservation

Meet the dedicated team at The Conservation Learning Academy, where passionate individuals from diverse backgrounds converge to bridge the gap between academia and conservation. Our team comprises professors, seasoned conservationists, students, and newcomers to the field, each contributing unique skills. With a focus on closing the gap between academic knowledge and practical conservation, we strive to foster a new generation of conservationists. By combining academic expertise with hands-on experience, we aim to create impactful, informed advocates for environmental preservation and sustainability. Join us in building a community that unites academia and action for a sustainable future.

A Network, that is dedicated to spread Conservation Knowledge

A harmonious blend of seasoned professors, dedicated conservationists, and enthusiastic students forms our diverse team. Together, we bridge academic knowledge and practical conservation, fostering a dynamic approach to environmental advocacy.

Showing others the beauty of our environment

Creating rooms to reconnect with our surroundings

Initiating projects and supporting others

Participation and Engagement

Unlock the path to conservation impact. From expert counsel for projects to career guidance, explore opportunities to shape a sustainable future together.

Providing Expertise and Counseling

Empower your conservation projects. Expertise and counseling to guide your efforts. Unleash the potential of shared commitment for a sustainable future.

Demonstrating conservation career paths 

Embark on your conservation career journey. Uncover paths with tailored guidance and expertise. Channel the strength of united commitment for a sustainable future.

Conservation requieres collective action taking – we are here to educate, connect and support all conservation efforts

University supporting activities

Elevate your university experience with our dynamic support program. We empower students with practical knowledge, bridging academia and real-world conservation efforts. Join us in shaping the next generation of environmental advocates.

Environmental Education

Fuel environmental curiosity with our engaging education initiatives. We empower all ages to understand and actively contribute to conservation. Join us in fostering a generation passionate about preserving our planet.

Conservation Networking

Connect with a vibrant conservation community through our networking initiatives. We facilitate collaborations, share expertise, and unite individuals and projects. Join us in building a global network for impactful conservation efforts.


Discover our impactful projects and partner initiatives below. From dynamic nature conservation to inclusive partnerships, explore the landscape of our work, fostering positive change for a sustainable tomorrow.

Exploratorium Wittental: Conservation for your garden

Embark on a journey through dynamic initiatives, fostering community engagement and nurturing diverse landscapes, paving the way for a sustainable future

Conservation includes everyBODY!

Explore our inclusivity mission—dynamic initiatives fostering community bonds, nurturing diversity, and shaping a sustainable future for a better tomorrow

Anthropogenic Ecosystems: Agroforest Systems 

Step into agroforestry excellence—dynamic initiatives fostering sustainable landscapes, community growth, and cultivating a verdant future for lasting impact.

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